Our Terms for YOU

And what you need to know to avoid a charge

Motorsport Media Ltd

will deem any person, organization or governing body liable for our normal rate of £50 for

  1.  Each portion of 60 minutes of telephone correspondence.
  2.  Every letter, transcript and hour spent preparing documents and correspondence in defence of any legal threat.

You will have been notified of where to find details of these charges in every phone call and letter correspondence. Motorsport Media Ltd will issue any outstanding invoices which have 14 days to be settled.

On the 15th day if the invoice is not paid, You will be issued with a further invoice of £1500 which must be paid in full within 7 days.

You may be subject to an increase of 24,000% if we have not received payment.

You agree to these charges by engaging in or receiving any of the above methods of communication

We reserve the right to use debt recovery methods and agencies and take legal action where appropriate.

How can I appeal?

We will consider any appeal and make a final decision on whether to proceed with debt recovery and legal action if you register your appeal within 14 days of the date on your first invoice.

All appeals must be made strictly by telephone by calling:  0161 408 5408.  Emails and letters will not be considered.