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Motorsport Media delivers its best ever weekend at Cool FAB-Racing season finale!

November 2, 20160Latest

Motorsport Media delivers its best ever weekend at Cool FAB-Racing season finale!

November 2, 2016 0

Motorsport Media enjoyed another hugely successful weekend broadcasting live radio and visual radio coverage of the final round of the Cool FAB-Racing British Minibikes Championship from Mallory Park.

The team of Tom Brooks and Lester Forbes were on-hand to provide commentary and Lester Forbes to produce the live coverage and bring it to air.

Tom Brooks (L), Sullivan Mounsey (C), Filip Backlund (R)

Alongside the packed Sunday-only race schedule was the logistical challenge presented by using two alternative track layouts – a select number of categories (AC40 Rookies, AC40 Pro, Jr. LC40, Senior MM and MiniF1 Sidecars) used the far end of the circuit, which incorporated the unique hairpin and two more corners, whilst the geared motorcycles (MiniGP50, MiniGP 70, Pitbike 140 & MotoTeam and Pitbike Open) used the full layout.

Due to this, we had to set up two commentary boxes on the Sunday morning in order to cover the event and via a high-speed internet solution we were able to seamlessly broadcast the entire morning on Motorsport Radio’s website, where riders and teams including Aleksander Merchant, Casey O’Gorman and Team Williams (MiniF1 Sidecars) were all crowned champions. For the afternoon, Tom joined Lester in the circuit’s main commentary box to commentate on the final races in the 2016 championship, including a titanic battle in the MiniGP 70 Championship between Josh Whatley and Scott Ogden, with the latter taking the crown by 0.2 tenths of a second!

Coupled with the stereo audio radio stream, we broadcast the afternoon’s racing action on Motorsport Radio’s Facebook page with large amounts of success as the two-hour broadcast has currently been viewed by over 9,200 people and had a social media reach of over 35,000 people!

Cool Motor Racing's Sarah Botha with Tom Brooks in our temporary commentary box for the morning.
Cool Motor Racing’s Sarah Botha with Tom Brooks in our temporary commentary box for the morning.

Aside from these services, Motorsport Media also conducted various live videos throughout the weekend through Facebook on both Motorsport Radio and Cool FAB-Racing’s social media channels, with the aim being to give fans a greater insight into the behind-the-scenes action during an event weekend.

Commentator for the weekend and co-Managing Director for Motorsport Media, Tom Brooks, said: “We enjoyed our most successful weekend-to-date with Cool FAB-Racing at Mallory Park and experimented with a number of new ideas, including informal live paddock reports. We also dealt with the logistical challenge of using two different commentary boxes due to planning and preparation prior to the event, meaning that we were able to deliver a first-class broadcast at all times.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of the Cool FAB-Racing paddock throughout the 2016 season and am hugely grateful to everybody involved for the opportunity. Motorsport Media has enjoyed its most successful month to date and providing live coverage has been our greatest asset. I sincerely hope that we can do it all over again in 2017!”

Producer and co-Managing Director for Motorsport Media, Lester Forbes, said:  “It has really been tremendous to be part of the Cool FAB-Racing paddock this season, to get to know the parents, the riders and to witness first-hand the future world champions has been something special. To also provide live circuit PA commentary, live radio and to add a visual radio element with our streams on Facebook has been a great and rewarding challenge at every round.” 

“I’m extremely proud to have played my small part in making the championship sound amazing.  Both Tom and myself are delighted to have given the championship a reach of over 430,000 through our live broadcasts and promotion this season and to have over 46,000 tune into the Cool FAB-Racing productions is quite astonishing.

Motorsport Media has worked closely with TV Production company TDi Media and Downforce Radio to provide commentary and audio from the 2016 Cool FAB-Racing British Minibikes Championship as well as to its own brand of Motorsport Radio.


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